Weisbender Contracting

Remove & Replace Garage Floor over Living Space – Jan. 2020


Remove and salvage carpet and ductwork
Remove center wall framing, sheetrock ceiling, electrical as required
Provide and install shoring framework and plywood decking to engineer’s specifications

Remove bottom 12” sheetrock north & east wall, Remove 4’ on south wall and apply 4’x8’x ½” plywood glued and stapled
Add (4) 4x4 supports in overhead door openings
Remove existing concrete garage floor approx. 20’x24’
Haul debris from site
Provide and install to engineer’s specifications
Steel reinforcement mats
Concrete 5” thick with correct slope to doors
Replace and repair sheetrock in garage as needed
Seal Garage Floor
Remove basement shoring after proper curing time
Replace, repair and paint basement to like condition before floor replacement

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