Weisbender Contracting

Restoration of the Historic 1900’s Wareham Mausoleum

The job began in October 2014 with spraying the mausoleum exterior with restoration masonry cleaner and then pressure washing to remove the atmospheric debris, mold and mildew that had built up over time. All the caulking joints where cleaned out and old caulking removed. Then the loose masonry cement was cleanout from the joints and spot repairs were made on any voids. After all the prep work was completed the new caulking was inserted in all joints for a fresh new look. During this time repairs were made to any loose stone fractures with masonry epoxy. The final step was to seal the masonry exterior with a protective water resistant sealer.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work on a very unique historical project. Many thanks go to Jim Wareham for the confidence in our craftsmanship and expertise. Theses efforts will make it possible for future generations to visit.

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